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Pat McShane MD

Pat McShane is a Harvard educated gynecologist who has spent most of her professional life helping women and couples achieve healthy pregnancies.  Encountering her own medical aging issues, she is working to bring the best information to other women in their postmenopausal years.


Her YouTube channel is Women's Healthspan: News & Views  which seeks to deliver important information to postmenopausal women to extend their healthy lifespan.  There is a deluge of scientific information in the news media, but it is difficult to sort out what is really relevant and important. 


Dr. McShane analyzes published material and interviews experts for the latest info on important clinical issues.


The information and advice presented in these videos does not constitute medical diagnosis or treatment.  Consult your medical professionals before undertaking any of the approaches outlined in these episodes.  Dr. McShane assumes no responsibility for any consequences of actions resulting from material in these videos or blogs. 

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