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  • Dr. Pat McShane

What is Healthspan Anyway?

Most of us want to be alive as long as we can, in good health.  That´s the idea of healthspan.  What is a long healthspan?  Dying young as old as possible!

Life expectancy has increased dramatically in the last few centuries (until the pandemic) but many of our later years are often spent with various kinds of disability, frequently in a nursing home.  Many of these disabilities are preventable.  As an example, it is estimated that about ¾ of cardiovascular issues are preventable.  Similarly, researchers are finding that most cases of Alzheimer´s dementia may also be prevented with lifestyle choices.

Health news surrounds us but it may be difficult to figure out what of everything we see and hear is accurate.  And much of the news is not tailored to our specific needs.  That’s where Women’s Healthspancomes into play.  On the Facebook page and in the YouTube videos (Women’s Healthspan: News and Views), I try to show what we can do to maintain our health based on current new findings.  I also interview experts on critical topics.  I hope you find it helpful and interesting.  Let me know.

Dr. Pat


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